Shibuya is an exciting and varied area in Tokyo. This guide lists some of the top attractions and activities you can do in Shibuya and offers our favorite places to eat, drink and visit.

Shibuya represents one of the 23 wards within Tokyo. It covers approximately 15 square kilometers and is a most renowned destination for locals to enjoy free time and tourist attractions.

This includes fun and fabulous places including Harajuku Omotesando Aoyama and the surrounding area around Shibuya station, often also called Shibuya, just for confusion.

Shibuya: Best Things to Do

shibuya night street
shibuya night street

Shibuya is Tokyo’s youth center and offers many restaurants and bars. List the best places to see in Shibuya that will definitely go up your bucket list. A popular tourist site in Tokyo. Shibuya Crossing certainly won’t blow your mind. If you are looking for the best photos around Shibuya Crossing, please follow the links below! There are many restaurants including noodles and sushi and everything in between.

Hachiko Statue

Hachiko Statue In Shibuya
Hachiko Statue In Shibuya

The statue of Hachiko is one of many meeting points at Shibuya, just behind the train station. It is certainly a great way of commemorating Haniko’s best friend and taking a picture of him. I mentioned Hachiko earlier in an article, “24 hours in Tokyo”. Hachiko waited every day at his owner’s house at Shibuya Station, before he walked home together.

The owner of Hachiko’s house sadly died at the end of his academic years. Every night for the next 7 years, Hechikiko returned to Shibuku station and was awaiting his owner. Eventually, some commuters noticed him.

Shibuya Crossing

shibuya scramble crossing
shibuya scramble crossing

Do I have a desire to explore? Let me begin with the Shibuya pedestrian trek which is the main attraction in Shibuya. You can visit Shibuya Crossing at night when virtually no one can travel this route.

This is an extremely cool and apocalyptic feeling about Tokyo. Take your time and enjoy the enormous distance between buildings to capture some amazing photographs, which are normally impossible due to the crowds surrounding them. It’s quite an enjoyable movie experience and highly recommended for Shibuya.

Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station
Shibuya Station

As mentioned earlier, Shibuya trains station is among Tokyo’s largest. There are no restrictions on visiting this large multi-story shopping center. Do not worry about crowding. It is great fun when you can easily navigate the station using a Tokyo subway map.

Shibuya Station has shops, restaurants, and stores. You’ll find many activities at the Shibuya Station to see how Tokyo and Shibuya are divided in the area. Essentially, if you’re really interested in all the details and exploring it, you’ll always find something you want!

Yoyogi Park

On the way to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya
On the way to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya

When people think about visiting Tokyo it can be difficult to imagine if you want to go to a peaceful park. It is located three kilometers from Harajuku Station and within the extremely urban surroundings of the Shibuya area.

This contrast is quite a relief and at least in a small part a little relief compared with Shibuyo’s hustle-bustles. This is an absolute necessity for the things to do in Shibuya. The large grounds offer an ideal way to enjoy nature at its best, particularly during the cherry blossom seasons.

Sopping In Shibuya


The place is probably the best for shopping among visitors and there are practically all kinds of shops. The biggest branch is the Shibuya Megadonki, opening in 2017. The landmark building at Shibuya PARCO has been refurbished and reopened in Autumn 2019. Currently one of the biggest stores in Shibuya PARCO is Nintendo Japan’s first official Nintendo store.

Manga Cafes

What is Shibuya’s best place to eat? If you can’t drink, you can have a few fun geeky activities in Shibuya. Shibuya also has tonnes of manga cafes, in which it is possible for anyone renting a booth to view and buy manga books. When Manga Cafés became popular there were a couple of new programs for memberships. Members have lower rates, can sleep overnight, and have a bathing and shower room available. Is it really nice to stay here? You must learn Japanese for most hotels because there’s no language textbook available.

Sakuragaoka-Cho Street

Once you’ve had the most of Shibuya, you can chill at Sakuraoka-Cha. During the Sakura season, things are usually quite hectic. Then go there and watch people and enjoy matches and desserts throughout the day. This is a favorite neighborhood in Shibuya

Nonbei Yokocho

Nonbei Yokocho Shibuya
Nonbei Yokocho Shibuya

Nonbei Yokocho literally translates into ‘Drunken Alleys’. There’s a famous Izakaya alley containing a nostalgic feeling located off Shibuya’s main highway. Have fun getting drunk and be local.

Pachinko Parlours

Pachinko is an Asian arcade where players play slots and games. It’s definitely an experience, so I suggest that you try it. Since gambling was typically legal in Japan the place Pachinko needed to be crafty. Pachinko isn’t considered gambling because you won’t win anything. You win small Pachinko balls for special prizes. The token can be purchased from a shop nearby for money or another item. Since there was no money received at the parlor, no laws had changed.

Go and see a real baseball game!

Jingu Stadium is only two stops from Shibuya and there, in this massive arena of over 3000 seats, there is an authentic baseball match.

Baseball in Japan is an extremely popular sport that is enjoyable for anyone who’s not familiar with this sport. In addition to the sport itself at the stadium, there is delicious food and beverages available, and during the summer fire displays will take place. Tickets are sold via an English website.

Walk in a bamboo forest

Admittedly not in Shibuya Central but less than 20 minutes by bus from Shibuya station, Suzume-ni Oyadi Ryokuchi Park contains a stunning bamboo forest that began to flourish 200 years ago.

It is very special in the Bamboo Forest so you can walk at the right place, enjoying the incredible sights which Bamboo provides. On one corner of the park, there’s even a restored traditional Japanese building.

Takeshita Street

Crowds At Takeshita Shopping Street In Harajuku
Crowds At Takeshita Shopping Street In Harajuku

Takeshita Street is usually chock full of people and is a melting pot of Tokyo’s youth fashion and unique Harajuku culture. You can buy just about anything fashionwise from traditional yukata and kimonos to funky Harajuku fashion. Takeshita Street is one of the first things we’ll see when stepping out of Harajuku Station

What To Eat In Shibuya?

There’s a stack of great places to grab a bite to eat in Shibuya.

There are numerous good food outlets in the area that include affordable Sushi restaurants and high-end Wagyu restaurants and the region offers a range of restaurants at an affordable level. This list is the best restaurant in Shibuya.

Grab a bowl of Japan’s world-famous ramen – A taste explosion for your mouth

It is an explosion in popularity worldwide, but it must definitely be tried in Japan for authentic tastes. Japan is also a great destination for Japanese Ramen and it is surprisingly important to visit Shibuya because there’s an opportunity to meet real masters with ramen.

Seitokudo offers many ramens and delicious desserts. Tonari is also famous for oyster ramen and the ramen of Kichitsora has been widely praised. The Japanese food scene certainly offers a variety of ramen restaurants, but Shibuya has three restaurants and many more.

Order some fast food at Japan’s new conveyor sushi – An exciting thing to do in Shibuya!

Uobei Shibuya
Uobei Shibuya

Restaurants in Shibuya. Uobei Sushi allows you to experience this Japanese-style sushi conveyor. It’s different! It’s where one orders what they want on tablets, then waits for their car. Food is deposited into conveyors on a stylized tray, which appears to represent trains around Japan and racing cars. Instead of wasting time transporting food around on conveyor belts, you can feel like you have fresh food.

Eating wagyu is a must in Japan!

Japanese wagyu beef meats grow in popularity as they are often grilled and served at high prices abroad. However in Japan, the prices are somewhat less expensive; at restaurants such as Henry’s Burger Motsuchi, Ushigoro Bambina, and Moshiba, the food tastes amazingly good. Wagyu beef is unlike any other type of beef, but you can understand why once you try it.

Where to stay in Shibuya?

Other than Love and Captiva Hotel, you can find many great hotels in Shibuya. If you want to stay at Shibuya Hotel – Tokyo, you can easily find good accommodation nearby. We picked out Shibuya accommodation that will ensure you are happy with the accommodation you have booked for your trip.

Love hotels

Shibuya, just like Shinjuku, is famous for many love hotels, particularly in an area called “Love Hotel Hill”. Hotels generally provide places in which you can stay if you want to spend some of the day and some nights.

These aren’t your typical hotel rooms because men are using the room for short periods of privacy. There are definite guidelines at the hotel and security guarantees are maintained. I wrote some additional information in our Tokyo Adult Guides. Love hotels appeared in several recent movies, Among them are 2020 Lost Girls & Love Hotels.

Capsule hotels

What can be done in Shibuya? Get away from taverna hotels! It makes sense to have no money to get a cab home after a fun day at work or to live too long to walk. Capsule hotels provide an ideal solution as they allow you time to get your sleep. As the title explains, it sleeps on capsules. The hotels generally serve only males, though some are also geared toward women. Each capsule includes alarming equipment and a television. The capsules are much larger in older hotels and have additional amenities like large chairs and tables.