Sanrio Puroland is a 4-level indoor park that is chock full of cute characters from the world of hello kitty and Sanrio combines fun and a fun parade and fun performances. Sometimes referred to as hello kitty land, It is a must-do for families visiting Japan.

You’ll have a great time discovering various theme parks such as Gudetama, Twinkle Star Lady Kitty’s apartment, My Memoody rides, and Sanrio characters.

We loved this Sanrio character boat trip. I will share my personal experiences with you and share the best things that you shouldn’t forget. Table – Detailed.

Sanrio Puroland

10 Quick Sanrio Puroland Take Aways

Sanrio Puroland ShowSanrio Puroland Show

  1. Sanrio Puroland Tokyo is a must-see theme park for all hello kitty fans
  2. You can meet all your favorite Sanrio characters including hello kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Badtz Maru, Pompompurin, Dear Daniel, and Cinnamoroll, and of course everyone’s favorite bum-crack sporting, apathetic egg, Gudetama.
  3. Pre-purchase Sanrio Puroland tickets online to save big
  4. Just 30 minutes from central Tokyo and Shinjuku station on the Keio line
  5. Avoid the school holidays to avoid heavy crowds
  6. Visit unique gift shops for exclusive mech from all your fav
  7. Popular Attractions include the kawaii kabuki show, miracle gift parade, chocolate factory, wisdom tree, rainbow hall, and my melody shop
  8. It’s easy to visit Sanrio Puroland for foreign visitors and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike
  9. Don’t forget to ring hello kitty’s bell located inside the tree of wisdom

Is Sanrio Puroland Worth Visiting?

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo
Various Sanrio Characters

Sanrio Puroland is a must-visit indoor theme park in Tokyo for those who love cute things. It’s 100% indoors, so the weather is not a problem, and there are many attractions and photo-taking opportunities in the spacious facility, which is much bigger than expected.

With attractions and shows featuring various Sanrio characters, gourmet food, and souvenirs, you can create many cute memories.

A different world that even non-enthusiasts will definitely enjoy! A visit to Sanrio Puroland

The spacious museum is full of attractions and photo spots and the quality is so high that even adults who are not familiar with Sanrio will enjoy this place, so I recommend it.

Sanrio Puroland entrance fee

If you enter puroland before 12 midday there are also discounts. Buy Puroland tickets online through third parties and/ or at the ticket offices at the amusement park.

How can you make some good savings? Purchase your tickets now! The ticket cost for this week was reduced by 80%.

The Klook ticket is easily redeemable. We printed it ahead of time. The theme park representatives scan the QR code so we can go into the park.

How to Get to Sanrio Purolando?

Follow The cute characters to Sanrio Puroland TokyoFollow The cute characters to Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

The fastest way to get to Tama Center is by subway. Take the Express/Regular route from Shinjukoko station towards Hashimoto either in the Keio lines or Odakyu line.

This will take around 45 minutes. Use your Suica or Pasmo prepaid cards to book a ticket. After getting out of the subway take around 10 min to get to the door.

As you exit Tama Central Station, you will find a Sanroi motif throughout, from the station signage to the painted glass mural of the characters on the ceiling.

Sanrio Puroland is just a 5-minute walk from Tama Center.

Sanrio Puroland Layout

Sanrio Puroland Map And LayoutSanrio Puroland Map And Layout

Upon arrival in the theme park on the third floor you will be met by an enormous hello kitty statue with the Friends crests.

The children visited their favourite sanrio characters Melody and Hello Kitty while we visited them. This is so cute! The parks have four floors and they have quite a lot of muck. Keep this map with you for every trip.

For those who love cute things, this theme park is the best of the best.

The museum is much larger than I had imagined, and there are so many attractions and photo spots that one day would not be enough time to play.

And by the time you leave, you’ll probably be thinking, “Humanity needs a fairy tale! and you’ll feel like you’ve been there before.

In this article, we will introduce you to the activities, food, and souvenirs you can enjoy at Sanrio Puroland.

A truly otherworldly place! Things to do at Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland TokyoSanrio Puroland Tokyo – Enter the world of Hello Kitty

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a fairy-tale castle archway and Hello Kitty!

From this entrance, you can move to the “Entrance Shop”, cafes and restaurants on the upper floors, and “Puro Village” and “Sanrio Town” on the lower floors.

First up, we recommend that you take the escalator to the “Puro Village” on the 1st~2nd floor.

There’s a huge atrium space and a large “Tree of Wisdom” surrounded by blue light.

A tree like this should only exist in fairy tales, but here it is right in front of you. Sanrio Puroland is seriously a fairy tale world!

Cute attractions

Let’s take a look at the various attractions and shows that can be accessed from this area.

Sanrio Character Boat Ride

Sanrio Characters Boat RideSanrio Character Boat Ride

The first of the themed rides for us was the “Sanrio Character Boat Ride”.

It is a ride attraction where you enjoy the story while traveling on a so-called boat, but it is quite high quality and immerses you in the Sanrio world.

I thought I had not been exposed to many Sanrio characters, but I was surprised to see the “Monkichi the Osaru’s gym uniform bag! I used to have a Kiki & Lala fork for kids! He had a Bad Badtamaru pencil box and pencils! I had a pencil box and pencils from Bad Badtamaru,” and so on.

Even if you don’t have much knowledge of Sanrio, it’s just fun to see “characters you know a little” appear one after another with solid mass.

Even if you are not a Sanrio fan, you might be fooled and give it a try. It’s so good that it brings back memories so much you’ll laugh.

The amount and density of content is so high that it’s fun the whole time!

And since the ride goes around the village, it is very open and comfortable.

The finale is also spectacular. It’s really great, so please ride it. You must ride it.

Other fun and cute attractions include “My Melody & Kuromi – My Melody Road Drive,” where you can take pictures with My Melody’s friends on a ride, and “Gudetamarando,” where you can play various mini-games.

Up on the Tree of Wisdom, you will find “Gudetama’s Magic Compatibility Uranai” and “Hello Kitty’s Happy Bell. There was also a creature here that talked to me from the tree. It was not a dream.

There is a fee for photo printing, but you are free to ride the attractions, so take as many laps as you like to get your fill of fairy tale ingredients.

A photo-op spot to bring back memories

All of them have completely different atmospheres, so you will never get tired of taking pictures. The areas that are not photo booths are fairy tale enough, though.

Lady kitty house

Lady Kittys House At sanrio Puroland
Lady Kittys House At sanrio Puroland

Lady Kitty House is also full of photo-worthy spots. The theme of the house is “Kawaii x Celebrity,” and it is like a sweet dream.

It is a dream come true to be able to spend one-on-one time with Lady Kitty, and it makes me a little nervous.

Depending on the time of day, there are also spots for character meet and greets. Even if you are tired of human society, the fairy tale memories of having two shots with the characters may give you strength.

Gudetama Land

Gudetama Land At PurolandGudetama Land At Puroland

What about the free game – is it worth it? Currently, it is in Gudetama’s territory. Everybody is issued a Gudetama passport to play games.

Practice cracking eggs in bowls and smashing pins made from mayonnaise and soy sauce. Your card will also allow you to photograph the huge Gudétama sculptures and you may also purchase images when you leave. Sanrio. The first floor of Strawberry Hall. Gudetama Land is worth visiting during your visit to Sanrio.

Gudetama: The Movie Show

Gutetama Directs A Movie At Sanrio PurolandGutetama Directs A Movie At Sanrio Puroland

Is there any film with Gudetama as its main character? We understand Gudetamas’s charm through his laziness and butty-ness.

You’ll get you an opportunity to help him create movie clips using audience insights and support.

It’s possible to meet with Gudetama if you can speak a little Japanese. It seemed a little strange but the part we saw was fun.

Location: Puro Valley First Level, Discovery Theatre.

Kabuki Monster Show

Enjoying The Sanrio Puroland Kabiki Monster ShowThe crown enjoying the Kabuki monster show at Sanrio Puroland

Stage performances that really move even adults

At the fairy tale theater, KAWAII KABUKI – Momotaro by Hello Kitty Troupe and the irregularly scheduled “Aoi Tori” show by Kitty and Cinnamon are performed.

The singing and dancing are good and the stage production is authentic.

The show’s theme, “Everyone gets along” is honestly portrayed, and it is the adults who will be able to say, “This is what it is like! This is important! I felt emotionally involved in the show.

In a world where there is no salvation, everyone reaches out to each other without being overbearing.

Kindness, compassion, and a heart that recognizes differences. This is a wonderful stage that conveys through fairy tales what adults can no longer express honestly. I felt that the power of fairy tales is necessary for today’s society.

Incidentally, the play also has elements for children, including kabuki elements such as kumakuri, mitsuke, tsukeuchi, and bukkari, which will help them cultivate their education. It is perfect.

What to Eat in Puroland?

Cute Food is avalable at the Sanrio Puroland Food courtCute Food is available at the Sanrio Puroland Food court

As you can see, there is more to do at Puroland than you can imagine, and it will take all your energy. Take a break and consume kawaii food.

You will not be troubled in finding food places. Go to the restaurant at the first level for Sanrio-style food.


Unique and Cute Eateries At Sanrio Puroland

Reasturaunt Yakata at Sanrio Puroland TokyoReasturaunt Yakata at Sanrio Puroland Tokyo


There are many cute restaurants to dine at, including the pavilion’s restaurant and Cinnamorro Dream Café, and Restaurant Yakata.

This time we had our meal at the Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant.

They have various pasta dishes a Gudetama Roast Beef Bowl and the Dessert Cup for dessert. Too cute to eat!

I was surprised to see brightly colored curry in the shape of cute Sanrio characters in the food court, but rest assured it tasted just like a curry.

Character Food Court

Sanrio Puroland TokyoSanrio Puroland Tokyo

Another option for food is the bright pink character food court

A Wide Variety of Character Goods

Sanrio has a wide variety of goods, to begin with. The entrance store is quite spacious and well-stocked, and to be honest, you could easily spend an hour here.

There are many items such as stuffed toys, sweets, accessories, etc. that are available only at Puroland.

I could have lived with just the items here.

The most recommended item is a catsuit, which is a staple at theme parks. Just by wearing the ears, you can get quite excited and immerse yourself in an extraordinary atmosphere. Sanrio Puroland is one such place.

As you would expect from Sanrio, there are quite a few different types, so you can add your own personality. Many people came to the event wearing coordinating catsuits with the characters, and it was a standard way for fans to enjoy the event.

However, please note that products may be out of stock or sold out without notice! If you are a little curious, you have to buy it immediately.

Besides the entrance store, there is also a My Melody store on the upper floor. As one would expect from Sanrio, there are many items that make you say, “You’re collaborating with that? I enjoyed the entertainment of the store alone.

(Please note that these items may be out of stock or sold out without notice.)

Sanrio Puroland is a classic spot for children and kawaii lovers, but I felt that even adults who are not so interested in kawaii can have a lot of fun here.

Now that travel is so difficult, we recommend this experience of experiencing a high-quality “fairy tale” in an extraordinary space that can be easily accessed, regardless of age or gender.


What’s The Best Hotel Near Sanrio Puroland?

If you are able to take the subway to Puroland from the center of Tokyo you can stay overnight at Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama. This is a fun-themed hotel in Tokyo! You can enjoy the best of Hello Kitty’s special Hello Kitty room as well as the Hello Kitty theme breakfast. Please see availability and book the Keio Plaza Hotel. Do you want more choices? Please click this link for accommodation in Tokyo!

How To Pronounce Sanrio Puroland The Japanese Way

サン リオ = Sanrio (Sun Lee Oh)

ピ ュ ロ ランド = Puroland (Pyew Lo Lun Doe)

サン リオピ ュ ロ ランド = Sanrio puroland

More Facts And Tips For Your Visit To Sanrio Puroland

I’m sure by now you are keen to go and book your Sanpuroland discount tickets but before you do, here are a few more tips and facts about Sanrio puroland

  • In Oita prefecture, there’s an outdoor theme park also run by Sanrio.
  • There are many seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter.
  • There’s a duty-free counter on the fourth floor
  • Don’t forget to check out the candy factory and bread factory where you can see your favorite Sanrio characters hard at work


Facility information, access, parking

Sanrio Puroland official website

Facility Information

Hours of operation

Varies depending on the day. See the official site for details.


Address: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama Shi (Tama City), Tokyo

5 min. walk from the “South Exit” of Keio Tama Center Station or Odakyu Tama Center Station

Parking lot

Sanrio Puroland underground parking lot, approx. 80 cars can be parked

*For details, please check the official website.

EL: 042-339-1111 (Sanrio Puroland Guest Center 9:30-17:00 except holidays)