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Chibi Celebrates Kaneki x Touka – Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 121 Live Reaction

published: 2017-04-15 18:15:53

Even though Tokyo Ghoul:re is a seinen and we should expect content that we normally don’t see in other magazines… I’m still flabbergasted that Ishida Sui had Touka ask Kaneki that question in Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 121. I know many will get salty over the Kaneki Ken x Touka pairing, but can’t we just enjoy the happiness for once? On top of that we get a very cute Amon x Akira scene as well. Seems like things are going smoothly on that end too. However with all this happiness we have to remember this is TG & a tragedy. It won’t be long till Ishida-sensei does something evil to disturb this happiness. Ready for TG:re Chapter 122 Review?