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WTF! Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 123 Live Reaction 東京喰種:re

published: 2017-05-06 14:22:40Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 123 WHY!?!?!? NOT LIKE THIS! I mean she could still be alive…but that’s so wishful. If she is the only possibilities are Mitsuki trolling completely or her just having taken the hand (which means our angel is subject to twisted Mutsuki torture which is actually even worse). A part of me still loves Mutsuki’s character (AND THOSE FACES THIS CHAPTER WERE 10/10) BUT THIS SHIT IS UNFORGIVABLE!!! (that Urie realization tho) Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 123 The two week wait was brutal asf…MUTSUKI I SWEAR TO GOD!!!

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