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Walking around Togoshi Ginza – Tokyo – 戸越銀座商店街 – 4K Ultra HD

published: 2017-05-24 22:11:44

The Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is a large 1.3 km long shopping street that crosses through Hiratsuka, Togoshi, Yutaka-cho and Nishi-Shinagawa in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward. Togoshi Ginza is actually made of three distinct shotengai running end to end with the Shoeika, Chuogai and Ginrokukai and promoted under the Togoshi Ginza entity. Despite its fancy name, Togoshi Ginza is not related to Tokyo’s famous Ginza luxury shopping district, despite the fact that both streets are somehow connected. Indeed after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 leftover bricks from the rebuilding of the Ginza area were given to Togoshi for the construction of its Shotengai, hence explaining why the place is now named the Togoshi Ginza Shotengai.