The Tokyo Rig? – Tokyo Video

published: 2018-12-09 13:00:09


Split rings (#5):

Swivels (#7):

Wire (.035):

Tungsten weights:




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  1. As always, excellent video ?? and perfect timing as I just received video about them and was going to buy one. Always rather do it myself and I like trokar EWG for craws so this is perfect.

  2. Have a question about these, when you just fold that wire up to hold the weight on there what’s stopping that from opening back up and your weight coming off?? Seems like a neat rig to try though. Great video as always boss ??

  3. Same as senko ? You could put a colour cracker bead on there

  4. I’ve just discovered this rig not long ago. It looks awesome and thanks for the vid Alex. Got try this presentation for sure?

  5. Awesome man. Keep up the nice work.

  6. Cool looking setup, will definitely give it a go. Looks like you’re going to have 16k subs before the end of the year ?

  7. Thanks A-Rudd. The only thing I would add to your list is eye protection so you dont catch a piece of wire to the eyeball when you snip it.

  8. Thanks for the breakdown on this. I was curious about this rig, and I think I'll spend some time this winter putting a few together for next season. Do you have any videos up yet fishing this rig?

  9. This is a GREAT IDEA! With the longer wire you have a lot more flexibility with the drop length. Love it!

  10. I thoroughly enjoy your videos as you do a fantastic job of relaying very good info at a level everyone can relate to. Keep up the great work!

  11. I bought these from VMC…kinda excited to try them out. I definitely like the idea of making my own since now I can experiment with different size wires. I think I will sharpy the silver wires black. Purchased the material. Thanks for the vid Alex.

  12. Awesome rig video. I will definitely be trying it. Keep up the content.

  13. Another well done video. I saw the Tokyo rig for the first time last week. Mostly showed it swimming. Thanks for showing how to make one . How much snow you got ? We have 8" here in upstate SC. More coming tonight.

  14. Great diy project for us guys up north during the winter…Thx Alex!

  15. Damn dude,that's a hell of an intro

  16. Why cant USA come up with cutting edge techniques. Everything cool had came from Japan the last 10 yrs. This seems like a good way to power fish the bottom during winter. Thanks Alex.

  17. This set-up originated as a live sculpin/goby bait rig and it was taught to me 25+ years ago. It was originally used with the rigid drop to keep your live bait from digging into silty, soft and low growth weed bottoms. We have been using soft plastics on this set-up in freshwater for years. It never really caught on because of it's mass and junk collecting protential on the bottom of most fisheries. Japan lol you got to love Cannoli and this vmc marketing crap. I seriously hope you don't believe any of that intro nonsense and it was just a precursor to the DIY…

  18. What is the advantage of the wire? Why not just make these with fishing line?

  19. Alex, thanks for this video! This type of video is really what sets your channel apart from other guys and gals. I appreciate the way you work, break down the tackle, and do DIY videos. I can tell you are a fellow tackle junkie! Love watching you and your channel grow, and I look forward to seeing you fish this rig! Blessings brother!


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