Japan Snow – BTS EP1 – Tokyo City Scene – Tokyo Video

published: 2018-11-06 18:22:20

In 2015 my best friends and I set out to the land of powder and ramen to film an adventure travel piece for GoPro’s official YouTube channel called Japan Snow: A Search for Perfection, with world renowned athletes John Jackson and Chris Benchetler. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how we filmed that video.

This is Episode 1 of 6, with a new one dropping each week. In this episode we look at how we filmed the fast-paced city montage scene in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. The series was edited by Joseph Renteria, and produced by Chris Farro.
Chris Farro – https://www.youtube.com/christopherfarro
Joseph Renteria – https://www.instagram.com/josephrenteria/

Check out Japan Snow: A Search for Perfection –

This video was filmed 100% on GoPro HERO4. Check out the HERO7 it’s even better.

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Watch the original Tokyo Video here

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  1. That last scene fried my brain.

  2. Been waiting for this BTS for so long!! So sweet!

  3. This was fantastic Abe, please keep treating us to these!!!

  4. So, so good Abe! Stoked to see this live now. Can't wait for the next episodes.

  5. This was great kept going back and forward with the video great team????work…

  6. All of you guys have been always my inspiration since I got GoPro 4. keep it Up .

  7. This was great guys! Awesome to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes!

  8. Dude the simple drone zoom post effect is awesome!! The twins are confusing, the same person is two places at once. The original footage blended to the VFX and Grade is nice to see. Looks like a good BTS overall. Is that drone not the Karma…? Guessing the P2 with a go pro attached. Stoked for the next episode.

  9. Sweet bts vid. Why do you prefer the hero 4 over say the 7 with it’s hypersmooth capability etc?

  10. Proof that Abe never carries bags and didn’t film anything. What is it you say you do here?

  11. Thanks Abe. Love these BTS videos. Could watch them all day long

  12. Wow! I'm surprised you got away with using a drone next to a train and above a road like that. They are super illegal here (in Japan) almost everywhere, and especially near trains, buildings, power lines, etc. Apparently the Tokyo police even have a special task force to take them down.

  13. Also waiting for this BTS! More, please.

  14. Ooohh, I can remember this video! I loved It! I learnt how sacred are the forest for them ??
    Waiting to see how you filmed the Lake scene! Although I think you made a BTS about It yet ?

  15. Dang some of these shots are the best I've seen

  16. Abe you're a huge inspiration for me. Love the content

  17. yess bts of my favorite ski video of all time

  18. This is awesome! Be cool to see Tomorrowland BTS.

  19. That convo at the end haha nice!

  20. So badass loving this❤❤❤

  21. Since then 3 years have passed!!
    already, the new gopro model)))
    Abe when's the last time you and your friends went skiing?
    as in the old days of USC Ski & Snowboard?!

  22. The fast cut edit of the city was one of the best sequences I remember from the video. So cool to see you guys behind the scene thinking through and making decisions on the fly. Excited to see how many BTS episodes we have in store. 🙂

  23. Watched 4 seconds of the intro and instantly subscribed. This is what youtube was made for. Awesome video and amazing editing! Great job man! *After watching, I got to say this is by far some of the best editing skills I've ever seen on youtube.


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