greetings from tokyo 🇯🇵 – Tokyo Video

published: 2018-09-14 10:00:08

dear flower,

i know, i know, i’ve been MIA again for the past few weeks. the reason behind this is because my family and i were planning for this japan trip, which ran for eight days from september 3rd to september 10th. it was my second time in my favorite country, and this time i brought you all along with me. with that, i would like to apologize for the lack of videos. i hope you take this one and put it in your heart, as i put my soul into making it.

on the process of making it, i realized at a very late point in editing that the frame rate was very low. i would like to sincerely apologize for that; to be quite honest, i don’t know what the problem is, but i do hope that it goes unnoticed. i also tried making it as aesthetically-pleasing as possible, but with my shaky footage, i don’t think i managed to achieve that as much as i would’ve wanted. nevertheless, this video makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and reminds me of the good memories i’ve had in tokyo. i hope it makes you feel just as warm.

have you been to tokyo before? if you have, please let me know about your experiences! personally, i find the people to be the best part about traveling to japan. they’re suuuper kind and they really take the time to help you out if you need any assistance. i can’t count the number of times i’ve asked the train station personnel if the next train is the right train! i definitely cannot wait to go back.

i hope you’re having a lovely day or night, wherever you are.

all the love in the world,

instagram: nothanami
twitter: nothanami

canon eos m3
adobe premiere pro

music by chillhop
the one by cap kendricks
tomorrow by leavv
taipei rosebuds by mommy and snowglobe
wildflower by joe corfield



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  1. why is this so relaxing boiiii djsmhdiwnjdenw

  2. i love this editing style wow

  3. Enjoyed with you😀
    Your phone cover was really cute.Why did you take it off

  4. i missed your vlogs ate hanaaaa

  5. I thought my week would be dull but then Hannah uploaded hmm what was it again? My week's extremely good!


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