One of The Best Up and Coming Street Brands in Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Video

published: 2018-07-11 17:00:00

Reggie takes you on a tour of one of Tokyo’s hottest street labels in Broke City Gold created by the all-around creative KANTA. Using elements of contemporary and traditional fashion, KANTA has turned Broke City Gold from passion project to an organically growing behemoth that is making waves at an incredible rate in Tokyo, Japan.


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  1. My favourite streetwear channel!

  2. Reggie the plug! This brand is🔥🔥🔥

  3. At what point does reggie giving a brand a video give that brand Clout?

  4. Reg your pendant is awesome, custom made? I'd like to look into whoever is making those.

  5. More videos like this pls!

  6. Ask him to send some of those shirts stateside so I can rock them. lol

  7. What do you think of fr2

  8. ID on the noragi you were wearing bro?

  9. First shop imma visit when I go back next year 💥

  10. My man definitely spent some time in London!! Hahaa! I’ll be in Tokyo this September and I’ll definitely be hitting up broke city gold!!

  11. I like his one off mentality, there is something really cool about having your very own, original piece.


  13. DUde everything is sold out online… : (

  14. I know where i have to spend my money now !

  15. Need some of those pieces, they got a website?

  16. but how much are these tho? like the denim jacket with the stuff on the back and the zippers? affordable?

  17. I love these kind of videos. Keep this great content up!

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