Don’t stay in Tokyo – the best day trip from the city // Kamakura, Japan – Tokyo Video

published: 2018-03-13 15:03:19

Of course Tokyo is amazing, and there’s plenty to see there but there’s so much real beauty right outside the city! Just an hour away is Kamakura and it’s pretty darn amazing. The best of Japan’s natural beauty is here.

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Watch the original Tokyo Video here

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  1. こんばんわ!

  2. めっちゃオシャレな部屋👌

  3. So crazy 😹 😺 😸 … I have just been watching Kamakura 🎥 videos from other YouTubers seeing all those wonderful ⛩ temples and shrines… And shortly after this (literally just ⏱ minutes gone…), you have posted your video… 😉😊😁 Crazy, but true…

    Thank you Hannah for your breathtaking presentation of the Big Buddha with just the right 🎼 music background…. I visited this too, but I was just a bare 10 year old at that time 😊

  4. This was a really lovely video to watch, thank you for posting!


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