TOKYO DIARY | Japan Vlogs Pt. II – Tokyo Video

published: 2019-07-11 20:14:14

The second and last video of my Japan series. This one was a hefty video to edit. I felt so much and the trip was so personal, there was a really fine line I had to balance. Traveling to other ‘cities’ is always hard not to fall into the patterns of your own city (F. Davison, group chat, July 11, 2019). We meandered through Tokyo with not much footage to show for it and I didn’t know what mode to be in, in a stimulating city. Our actions were such a contrast to what the city demanded of us. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the abyss and would love to hear your thoughts. Let’s open this one up to a big discussion.

Pt I

Blog post: (link here when I’m done w it heh)

As for all the spots we went to, we made a diary/itinerary of all our stops along the way, Japan Travel Guide:

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Watch the original Tokyo Video here

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  1. omg HOW did you know that it’s 2 am in my side of the world and i was sad and NEEDED this?!?!? LOVE UU

  2. OK I CRIED….your MIND. My sadness has been replaced by pure unadulterated awe.


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