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published: 2019-05-15 04:51:06

도시재생 모범사례 꼽히는 일본 롯폰기 문화 공간

Japan’s capital city Tokyo is seeing massive urban redevelopment as the mega-city looks to become a more accessible and attractive place to live.
Our Won Jung-hwan reports.
As the 2020 Olympics approaches, Tokyo is seeing a construction boom. As well as sporting venues, large areas of the city are being redeveloped, with the Shibuya district alone having at least a dozen large-scale high-rises under construction.
According to a recent survey by Mori Building,,… around 75 large buildings across the city will be finished in the years leading up to the Games.
But Tokyo doesn’t just want to add to its concrete jungle. It also wants to develop cultural areas to make the city a brighter place to live and visit.
Roppongi Hills is one such example,… as the area has gone through a massive change to attract a more diverse range of people than before.
“Approximately 17 years after Roppongi Hills’ official opening, the neighborhood is still a nightlife hotspot, but the area has also actively sought to rebrand itself as a cultural Mecca.”
In the 1990s, Tokyo-based building tycoon, Minoru Mori, spearheaded the Roppongi Hills redevelopment in an attempt to build an integrated high-rise development in the center of the city that would combine residential, work, retail, and entertainment spaces.
“Back in those days, there were just a lot of tall buildings,… but now the area has a harmony between each of the buildings, forming around art museums and natural parks.”
People call it the Roppongi Art Triangle, where 3 major art museums, including the Mori Art Museum on 53rd floor of the Mori Tower, are within a short walk of each other, and provide discounts together.
In many respects, Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills represents a new approach to urban life.
The area, which was once an enclave for Tokyo’s ultra-rich,… now acts as a magnet for ordinary people looking to enjoy cultural activities.
“The area was regarded as a place only for rich people,… but now the perception has changed. Everyone is welcome at this place, from kids to foreigners.”
Major cities around the world can learn from Tokyo’s urban development plans,… which have given parts of the city a fresh new image.
Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News, Tokyo.

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