Aimer Hall Tour 18/19 "soleil et pluie" Tokyo – Tokyo Video

published: 2019-04-13 05:51:55

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-Maybe, I’ll delete this video later-

“Aimer Hall Tour 18/19 “soleil et pluie”” @Tokyo Live Footage

1. soleil
2. ONE
3. Monochrome Syndrome
4. Believe Be:leave
5. 3min
6. Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~ (あなたに出会わなければ~夏雪冬花~)
7. Kyou Kara Omoide Evergreen ver. (今日から思い出)
8. Kataomoi (カタオモイ)
9. Omoide wa Kirei de (思い出は奇麗で)
10. Ref:rain
11. Mabayui Bakari (眩いばかり)
12. Hana no Uta (花の唄)
13. Black Bird
14. After Rain -Scarlet ver.-
15. Hz (ヘルツ)
16. Chouchou Musubi (蝶々結び)

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  1. Don't ask why we should hear aimer song because it will disgrace the ANGEL

  2. 好想聽 I beg you 的Live..

  3. Thumbnail around 17:43


    1. soleil 0:00
    2. ONE 01:06

    MC 06:50

    3. Monochrome Syndrome 07:21
    4. Believe Be:leave 12:02
    5. 3min 17:21
    6. Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~ 20:39
    7. Kyou Kara Omoide Evergreen ver. 26:57
    8. Kataomoi 32:14
    9. Omoide wa Kirei de 36:08

    10. Ref:rain 40:09
    11. Mabayui Bakari 45:40
    12. Hana no Uta 50:05
    13. Black Bird 56:27
    14. After Rain (Scarlet ver.) 01:00:17
    15. Hz 01:05:22

    MC 01:12:24

    16. Chouchou Musubi 01:13:03

  4. Oh my god I think my life is complete

  5. The Hz performance is hype really love it..

  6. My Sunday morning never be better than today

  7. Finally this is what i waiting for. Thankyou for uploading the live concert

  8. Dont delete this please 🙁 dont before you put it to google drive :))

  9. Superb, breathtaking, exquisite, glorious, splendid, marvelous, outstanding, magnificent and overall out this world performance

  10. Soy la única colombiana que ama a Aimer?

  11. Ohhh goddess blessed my ears. ❤

  12. Angelic voice + simple dress + little shyness, Aimer already makes her show perfect.

  13. OMG did you guys see that HZ performance?? Wow she really put all her energy on it! She was lit. on fire dude! Haha

  14. I am gonna buy her coming concert's ticket

  15. aimer looks so beautiful in the thumbnail , anyone knows where to find it , in this video ? at what song?

  16. Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~ and Hana no Uta make me shiver.
    Her voice is so powerful.

    Feel so blessed to live in the same timeline as Aimer.

  17. I remember I'm in the upper deck in the concert and I can't even see her face because it is so far away

  18. Please put on google drive before u deleted it 🙁 , because download in youtube only have 360p .

  19. going to watch the live on June in Tokyo, see you guys around and hopefully I am able to get the ticket and thank you for upload this

  20. The angle has blessed my ears once again!!!

  21. thx u, i download before this gone haha


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