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  1. I truly enjoyed your videos to a certain point. Planet X is on the edge of our solar system it is already confirmed you can research Fox News Planet X and it will show a statement from Caltech there was a miscalculation with planet nine now it's confirmed planet nine is now Planet X. A very well-known scientist told made we do not need a planetary system to throw this planet into a magnetic reversal. They will come a time in which we will be able to wish this planetary body six months before it gets here. In other words it is not over Tokyo it is not surrounding the Sun and it is not here.. so when I'm trying to give you is some understanding it comes every 3657 years we are at 3651 It lines up perfectly with September 23rd 2017 and the alignment of a timeline. And December 2012 we went into a positive and negative timeline and in December 2022 we will be coming out of the positive and negative timeline. This lines up perfectly with the magnetic poles moving 500 feet per day three to three to four miles per month to 36 miles per year. Researchers have determined the timeline and the time has already been set 2024 this lines up perfectly with September 23rd 2017 with the constellation of Leo and Virgo the beginning of the 7 year tribulations if you would like to know more on my inside feel free to message me here so others can read it. I'll send you many blessings of love and understanding because I believed you totally care for this civilization and its outcome. Timelines cannot be changed or manipulated this civilization has ran its course we have failed again for the fourth time according to the Hopi Prophecy of the great purification.

    I believe the reason that you do not have many subscribers is because many feel that you are misleading others not intentionally but indirectly. It seems that over the last few weeks I am the first one to like your videos and put it up on my channel trying to bring others to your channel because I believe you're very sincere. In fact I only have three thousand subscribers but I encourage them to describe to your channel you can read about you and the community section. I'll send you many blessings of understanding and love but remember fear is the lack of understanding I love through Jesus Christ. The time of his returning is at hand you must take time to validate other people's work including mine I can only tell you what I have received.

    I could not put this video up on my channel for my subscribers because it is very deceiving. As I mentioned before we do not need a Heavenly Body of a planetary system to flip this planet. Fit all comes together with the timelines 2024 is the key if you would like to know more about this key feel free to email me and I will send you two months of research dealing with September 23rd 2017 with a constellation of Leo and Virgo and the returning of wormwood a planetary system known as Planet X that will complete the timeline and September 23rd 2024

    It also lines up perfectly with the Hopi Prophecy of the great purification dealing with the blue Kachina appearing months before the red Kachina of course the Hopi prophecy never put a date on the purification process concerning a magnetic pole reversal

  2. I believe whats here is what Igor Kostelec showed about a month back on his channel . Was over Scotland at the time i believe


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