Japanese Street Food Tokyo Top 3 Must Tour Places – Tokyo Video

published: 2019-01-12 00:15:30

Japanese Street Food Top 3 Places you should tour when visiting Tokyo. We review the best Tokyo Street Food spots and the different food market streets and give you a Tokyo Food Tour breakdown including what to expect at each Tokyo Street Food Tour place. Perfect Tokyo Food Guide for first time Japan travelers. All the references to each Street Food is listed below. Check those Japan street food tour video’s description for exact Tokyo food shop locations and also see the free downloadable Tokyo street food maps from my website, also linked below.

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Tsukiji Fish Market Street Food Tokyo Top 10
– https://youtu.be/7hWUBCbUj5g

3. Asakusa Street Food Tokyo Top 10
– https://youtu.be/30–6JNNn_c

2. Sunamachi Ginza Street Food Tokyo Top 10
– https://youtu.be/gMV8SwUjTiw

1. Shimokitazawa Street Food Tokyo Top 10
– https://youtu.be/0p4y9ZgLXO0

Download Free Tokyo Street Food Maps
– https://www.tokyozebra.com/maps

Maiko and I explore our favorite food spots and recommend the best Tokyo Street Food spots to tour if you are coming to Japan for the first time. One of the factors in our choices is the overall experience of the area including shops. Also factored into our Street Food spot favorites is the local vibe aspect. If it’s too crowded or if thee are too many tourists at one location, then it may be a challenging experience, especially if you are with children. We hop this Tokyo Street Food Tour Guide recommendations help your plan your trip in Tokyo.

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    Maiko- 2, Paolo -0.

  2. Heading to Tokyo this afternoon and watching this video on the JR train from Takayama to Nagoya. Thanks for everything you two do — your videos are always amazingly incredibly helpful and we love them.

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  10. YOU GUYS NEED TO PUBLISH A TOUR BOOK !!!! Maiko, the maps are gorgeous and both your reviews are great. DO IT DO IT DO IT. Also, you should consider printing the maps on merch. Have you seen my hose shirt with maps printed upside down so the person wearing the shirt can read it from their perspective? Fun!!! Or make the maps into posters. Visitors can mark off or put pins in to mark where they went.

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